Alienline Ltd. merges the results of more international visual technology researches which go back almost a decade. The goal of those development was to create a naked eye 3D display where all of the 3D visual benefits were leave out any kind of external accessories. The segmentation of the left and right side of the 3D contents implemented by the special display itself.

The display contains a special geometry surface which able to direct the light beams to the left and right eyes separately. The right side of the microprisms directs the right channel of the images to the right eye of the user and the left side does exactly the same thing on the left side. The frame speed of the flashing is around 100 f/s thus a high definiated 3D image created in front of the eyes of the user.

The human brain creates 3D image from two separate images. Basically we applied the same method integrated in our display. Enjoying all of these 3D visual benefits we don’t need to apply any other 3D gadget. We integrated these newly created displays in out devices. On these smartphones and tablets we can easily enjoy any kind of 3D movies. We also developed a special 3D platform for Android users making the operating system more entertaining.

As our products undergo constant development, we improved our 3D technology and managed to invent a special screen where no polymer layer is needed. Benefits of this new technology include:

  • absolute 4K resolution
  • instant switch between 2D and 3D mode
  • crystal clear 3D depth
  • objects explicitly popping out from the screen
  • relaxing 3D experience for the brain

As a result of this brand new invention we present our 10,1" Tablet Phone. This top-notch innovation is based on a fully electronic 3D screen, which has never been presented before.